Awards for Our Site

On November 31, 2002 The Daily Journal was presented with the coveted "Best Website in the Universe" Award by the International Association on Website Excellence and Fishing Lures. This is the first time this award has been presented and will be the last. It's the end-all for all awards. Basically, it means that this is as good as it gets and that there will NEVER be a better site. We were presented this award for our painless efforts over the past five years to create a site that is consistently fresh. Oh, and we invented the award. We actually considered giving it to the Chia Pet people but they didn't care about the pictures we had of their top executives.

(actual award)
Almost Celebrity Endorsements

In addition to the award, we've also been officially endorsed by some almost famous celebrities (we're not making this part up).

"I enjoyed it and I'm not sure why."
--Ty Tabor, King's X

(Actually, he said this about a book that Jason did, but it looks nice here. Feel free to use this quote wherever you need it. Kids, you could use this for the front of your term papers. Think about how much you'd impress your teachers with a semi-favorable one-line review from an obscure rock star on the front of the report that counts for 75% of your grade! Investors, use this for your portfolios!

"Enjoyed your site."
--Robert Darden, Senior Editor of The Door magazine

"Whenever I feel my life is meaningless, I come to this favorite site to peruse the bemusements of it's creators. It never fails to pick me up, remind me that there is a God, and that there are at least two other guys He's out to get even more than me."
--Dan Piraro, Creator of the Bizarro syndicated cartoon strip. Author of numerous Bizarro books including Among the Savages and Three Cheers for Nuclear Waste (due in the fall...ok, I made that up)

(Thanks, Dan!)

"I laughed so hard my gizzard popped out. I almost wish the neighbors had seen me...These three "humans", for lack of a better word, are what Belinda calls 'freaks of nature.'... This one's a Must-See. We giggled 'til we soiled our trousers."
--The friendly folks at Midwest Online

"...without dazzling recommendations."
--Dan Ellsworth, Some guy that looked at the site for us.