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Here at The Daily Journal, we pride ourselves on our wonderful pants and our fascinating careers in the world of underwater snail photography. However, with writing as a passion, we've been branching out to other areas. Occasionally, we will submit something to other sites. Following are some samples...

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

A treasure of information on movies and television, IMDb also allows registered users to write reviews and provide information on their database of programming. We took them up on their offer several times...

Don T. Dorkerson (aka "fuddsoup")
King Crab (1980 TV Movie...whatever)
they take on the challenge of running the store with the help of their magical friend Bunky the Talking Gopher"

Girl of the Night (1960 Movie)
"When world renowned diver Scott Lehman (John Kerr) is injured by an aggressive giant octopus in a snorkeling accident, he's forced to change his lifestyle."

"She's the Sheriff" (1987 TV Series)
"Being the first female Sheriff in Hazard County is quite the challenge for Hildy 'Crissy' Granger and her dog Roscoe. However, with the advice of her roommates Jack and Janet, and those lovable Ropers, she's able to make the right decisions and keep the peace in this small southern town."

"Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince" (1983 TV Series)
"Finally, Benji and his sidekick Llama pal Zax are reunited in this short-lived TV adult drama."

Lizard (1994 Movie) - COMING SOON!

Daisy de melker (1993 TV Series)
"...I wasn't expecting this show to hit me the way that it did....but it did. It shot at me like one of those Japanese throwing stars at a baby fight." [NOTE - to appreciate this one, you have to be a fan of Upright Citizen's Brigade on Comedy Central.

Chewing Gum (1996 Movie) - NEW!!!
"...the Hopparites don't have mouths and instead use the chewing gum as a medicinal treatment for hemorrhoids."

The Chewing Gum Industry (1920 Movie) - NEW!!!
"It turns out that Jeff's pipe becomes the "secret ingredient" to a new line of gum to be shipped to Argentina."

The Chewing Gum Industry (1922 Movie) - COMING SOON!

The Girl's Chewing Gum (1976 Movie) - COMING SOON!

Uvula Pie
Dealing: Or...(1972 Movie)
"a lot of press was made due to the fact that this movie showed, for the first time, two slugs mating on a vertical surface."

Barn of the Blood Llama (1997 Movie)
"The movie ends abruptly when an albino harelip, seen briefly at the beginning of the 'film' massacres all the llamas and their keepers and sits laughing for a full three minutes while doing the Macarena in their carnage."

Rooster: Spurs of Death!  (1983 Movie)
"...there was this flashback sequence concerning the "conception" of Chicken, the dwarf, where his mother is attacked by a flock of roosters while browsing a selection of pigeon books in a local adult book store."

The Single Guy (1995 TV Series) - NEW!!!
"Few remember that the Borgnine character was a flashy cross-dresser in the first three episodes but test-markets showed this was not working so they dropped it (in an episode near the end of the first season, the Borgnine character made a reference to his "garters" that surprisingly made it past the censors!)."

Lloyd-17 / Chester Flatbottom (aka "cheesylips")
Letters from Frank (1979 TV Movie)
"Frank enjoys his time in the limelight, but his addiction to polish sausage keeps him from handling fame the way a man should."

Just Me and You  (1978 TV Movie?)
"Michael meets a ex-waitress named Linda who abandoned society and all of its materialism to live with a family of wild banshees."

Chicken Soup with Barley (1966 TV Something) - COMING SOON!

Department S (1969 TV Series)
"both of them get tanked up on some strong sarsaparilla and end up passed out in Department S with snapping turtles all around them."

Squirrel Crazy (1957 Movie) - NEW!!!
"A pretty comical film if you are into squirrels, Ugandan history, and tire irons."

Jimmy Kenhagle (TDJ Correspondent)
King Crab
(same one...sort of a rebuttal)
"...the picture that King "Dork" paints of "King" Crab is much rosier than the actual tragic character that Chomsky intended."

The Clinic (1982 movie)
"...small rodents are transformed into pigs by the use of aspirin and an elaborate system of ropes and pulleys."

Navin Johnson (TDJ Correspondent)
Good Cop/Bad Cop
(1983 Movie)
"...Roger summons the Floating Head of Death and the evil Mr. Rogers meets his untimely end by being suffocated with a freshly utilized toilet plunger."

Lloyd (1997) - NEW!!!
"What he doesn’t realize right away is that the younger woman he is so attracted to is actually a transvestite who is the stepbrother of his first wife (Shirley Ann, played by Laura Pigeon)."

Look for even MORE REVIEWS coming soon.

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