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Lloyd enjoys getting e-mail from the fine folks who read the journal. He's fond of squirrels, emus and other small rodents. When not frolicking about in the woods, he can be found at his office where he works as a corporate something-or-other.
Lloyd has quickly become addicted to racoons and now consumes 3-4 a day (an expensive habit). He'd love to hear from you! He'd love to hear from anyone as he has lived alone most of his life in a van down by the river. Lloyd's day job has something to do with paprika.
The Boy (aka "Lloyd") is the newest writer to join The Journal and spends the bulk of his time in airport baggage carousels looking for quarters. Occasionally, he drinks toilet cleanser.

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These are REAL letters from REAL readers....
Dear DailyJournal--

I must say that you have a nipple and "things that hang in the back of the
throat" fixation (I think the official name is oral-nippleization fixation).
Get over them.  Although now that I've typed the word "nipple" a few times,
I can see it's allure.  My wife would kill me for saying this, but "nipple"
is a funny word, written or spoken.  Ok, now you've given me a fixation and
some sort of a complex about my wife.  

Have a nice day,
Jimmy Kenhagle