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Our boys circa 1989 Started in the late 80s as a reason to avoid consuming cruciferous vegetables, Fluid Imbibers began recording songs on "musical equipment" made by Casio. Then they broke the bank and began recording songs on "musical equipment" made by Radio Shack and Casio's professional line.

Now they use Carvin basses, SWR bass amps, Epiphone and Washburn guitars, Sure microphones... and they still can't write a decent tune.

Secret Message

A very pretty lady and a very happy customer A collection of their "greatest hits" of that era is available in the form of Bunnies 4 Sale. Packed with 70+ minutes of songs about bunnies, squid, aardvarks, and classmates, this collection is certain to make you wish you could spontaneously decapitate.

Album details and tissue samples coming soon...

For more info, write to us at some address.