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You have successfully traveled in time to the year 2098!


Please do not be alarmed. You will be able to return to your present time by clicking the magic clock button below.

So, here's what the FUTURE is like...

Today (i.e. 2098) we have the following:

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Toaster Ovens That We Control From Our Brain-Implanted Personal Computers

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Window's 98 version 2.0

Bus.wmf (7186 bytes)
Nuclear powered school buses!

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More Channels, including: HBO 57-92; ESPN 23 (the all-areobics sports station); TPL (The Pathetic Loser station); The Candle Channel; Refried Beans Network; The Amusing Latvian Anecdote Station and The Jewish Kung-Foo Fighting Championship Pay-Per-View Network. Amazingly, we now have over 200,000 channels to choose from and crime is completely non-existant (the same goes for culture).


It's truly amazing, isn't it?


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