It all started out one day with a boy and his poncho and his dreams...wait, that was something else. The Daily Journal (TDJ) was created one day by Jason. He called up Roger and said, "Hey, check out this site. We can write stuff on it every day to sort of make fun of some of those disgusting introspective journals we've seen too often online. Oh, and I'm not wearing pants." [I paraphrased that just a bit, but you get the general idea]. Roger thought it was swell and they both contributed regularly, thinking it would be nothing more than a passing thing. Well, TDJ has stuck around. As of December 1999, TDJ is creeping up on two years. That's ancient in Internet land. Anyway, Jason and Roger kept hammering at it until one day, a name from the past decided to take a shot at it. His name is Miguel Santa Maria Sanchez de Salle III, but we just call him Scott. The three of them have been writing ever since and create the primary crud that you read every day. However, there are at least two other classes of TDJ writers that need to be mentioned here. All of these fine young folks started out as readers and worked their way down to the level of some sort of writer. Here's your chance to meet them all. In some cases, you can even drop them an e-mail.

Main Writers
(primarily responsible for this crud)

Actually, Jason is wearing a disguise in this photo. Those are not his real ears. He works at some big company in Ft. Wayne where he spends a lot of time making macros. He plays the bass guitar, keyboards and accordion. He's also quite handy with sharp objects.
He works for an organization in Indianapolis where he spends most of his time doing desktop publishing and web publishing. Believe it or not, he sings and plays the guitar (sometimes, even at the same time. He also plays the trumpet and enjoys cooking the flesh of dead animals on an open flame.
The youngest main writer, Scott works for the government in Evansville, Indiana where he's been known to use your tax dollars to buy Menudo CD's and videos (somebody has to do it). He's into audio/visual production, basketball and is a Grand Master Champion at Jai' Ali and underwater motorcross. 

Secondary Writers
(entries here and there)

Lloyd is a pure PC guy with more CD's than any of the three Main Writers combined. A resident of Carmel, Indiana, he's an aspiring actor and playwright who someday hopes to put on a one man performance of the musical Hair.

Andy works for some power company in Pennsylvania during the day. But at night he aspires to break into the music business. He's also a writer of poetry and fan of Lawnmower Instructional Videos. Look for more entries from Andy soon.

(write letters to us and/or keeps us on our toes)

Occasionally, she writes letters to us to inform us that we're big oafs. She keeps us in line and can come up with some good stuff of her own. She has the best chance of the two Underlings of becomming a full-fledge Secondary Writer. She just needs to send us the check for $400.

Roger's brother-in-law, "Cuddy", occasionally reads the site and sends us threatening letters promising to sue us. He's a network PC guy and all-around swell person. He doesn't read the site that much, so it's ok for me to tell you that he was once arrested for selling narcotics to an undercover FBI agent dressed like a 5 year old boy. Cuddy has a hard time eating cake.

The one and only Guy! What more can I say about him. He's not one to use a lot of words (because he only has about 20 of them in his vocabulary), but he sure knows how to get to the point. Guy can REALLY play the guitar. There are many of us here at TDJ that act like we can play, but Guy has a gift.