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The Goat has been updated!

    One of our favorite bands, The Fluid Imbibers has resurfaced on mp3.com. These guys did the bulk of their work in the late 80's and early 90's. A renewed interest in Fluid Imbiber music has brought some of the recordings to the Internet and rumor has it that NEW SONGS are on the way.

Read "Beyond the Daily Journal" to see our exclusive Movie Reviews hosted on the Internet Movie Database.

The Goat of Your Transgressions has struck again!

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Thanks to our new multilingual department here at TDJ, some of your favorite Journal entries are now being translated to German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Click here for the latest.

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How do you guys sometimes write journal entries that are in THE FUTURE?

June 6, 1999 was the 1st Anniversary of our site. CLICK HERE to peruse a collection of some of our favorite TDJ entries from the first year.

We've had these hits since we started using the counter on April 13, 1999.

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